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Hi, I'm Peter.

I specialize in working with high school & college student-athletes to help them achieve peak performance in their sport and the classroom.

I practice an integrative approach to nutrition & lifestyle. The 3 main areas we focus on are nutrition, mindfulness meditation, and dynamic mobility & strength. Together we’ll co-create your peak performance goals to get you to where you want to be.





Let's navigate the world of contradictory nutrition together to explore what works for you.

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Let's focus on your mobility & natural movement to build the foundation for optimal strength & less injury.

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Let's develop a mindfulness practice for you to exercise your mind & live in flow with the present moment.

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Why Work With Me?

  • I am 3 people in 1 – an Integrative Nutrition practitioner, a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and a MovNat mobility & strength trainer
  • We not only develop a detailed nutrition plan together, I also closely motivate you and incorporate hands-on cooking sessions
  • We incorporate a daily mindfulness meditation practice to work on your mental performance & skills
  • As a MovNat Certified Trainer (MCT) I help you prioritize movement & mobility, which naturally builds strength and decreases risk of injury

My Mission to help you as a student-athlete

  • Transform physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Reach your personal and team oriented sports performance goals
  • Find a school/career path that allows you to follow your passion
  • Live an effortless & harmonious lifestyle that aligns with your beliefs
  • Build a community of like-minded friends to support you on you journey
  • Unleash your best and authentic self!

Client Testimonials

"When you work with Peter, you are getting a highly knowledgeable and dedicated coach! The program is all about YOU - focusing on what it takes to make YOU well, healthy, and happy. He will be there to fully support you throughout your journey to health and happiness."
"Peter's program incorporates nutrition, yoga, meditation, exercise, and personal finance to help you reach your biggest goals. Community and connection to others are also emphasized so you are supported and not alone on this journey. It is unbelievably dynamic and empowering!"
"You will inevitably get in touch with your spirituality, whatever that path is for YOU! Your inner and authentic self will guide you on a journey to find lasting happiness, and you will realize that everything you want or need is already within you."