Top 5 Reasons I Take Cold Showers & 3 Versions You Can Try

I first heard about cold showers a little over a year ago when I was doing kundalini yoga quite frequently. It’s easy to dismiss the concept, but I was intrigued. The internal questions started – why have I never heard about it if they are good for me? Why have I always just taken hot showers? What exactly are the benefits of cold showers? I did some research and was astounded at some of the acclaimed benefits: weight loss, stress reduction, skin & hair improvement, testosterone increase, immunity, sleep… among others! So, I decided to dive right in (literally and figuratively, haha).

Over the past 12+ months, I have made cold showers pretty much a regular daily thing. It wasn’t easy transitioning in the beginning, but I have really come to love taking them as I have seen the benefits creep into my life. It’s almost like I CRAVE the cold now! So without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons I take cold showers:

1) Getting out of my comfort zone 

This is THE #1 REASON I have benefited from cold showers. Anyone who is an entrepreneur and runs their own business knows getting outside of their comfort zone leads to both personal and business growth. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to see success and get to places you want to go. By taking a cold a$$ shower first thing in the morning, I am getting outside of my comfort zone first thing in the morning and therefore am more likely to get outside of my comfort zone in business and personal doings throughout the day. 

2) Primal breathing 

When your body gets into a cold state, you naturally start to breathe deeper to generate heat. When you start to breathe deeper, you naturally become more present in the moment. When you are fully present, you find magic in every moment. Right before I get out, I duck my head in the water for 10-20 seconds and get a crazy brain freeze which instinctively makes me do this deep primal breathing with my tongue out.

3) Blood flow regeneration 

When your body gets cold, heat concentrates in the center of the body around the heart and stomach. Blood gets pushed from the limbs back to the heart. After you get out of the shower, new blood flows throughout the body to the limbs. It makes my body feel so fresh and light. 

4) Temperature adaptability 

I have seen SIGNIFCANT changes in my temperature adaptability from season to season. I can tolerate more cold in the winter and more heat in the summer. In the time of climate change, this is a great tool to have. 

5) Speeding up muscle recovery 

There’s nothing like an ice bath after a day of skiing or a hard workout at the gym. You can FEEL the positive healing effects and muscle regeneration the cold has. The joints instantly feel more stable. Another great tool to have if you are an athlete or like to work-out and be active.


3 Cold Shower Versions To Try

1) Straight cold 

This one is not for the faint of heart. However, after the initial plunge you get used to the cold water after 5-10 seconds. I like to approach this one with a fun attitude and let my body be loose, if you cringe it just becomes colder. Stay in for 3-5 minutes, going in and out from under the water whenever you need a break.

2) Start hot, finish cold

Start with 1-2 minutes of medium to hot water, hair & soap washing your body during this time. Then turn to cold for 3-4 minutes while you rinse your hair and soap from the body. After rinsing, stay in the cold for a little longer breathing deeply and letting the blood reverse. When done, always finish cold, never go back to hot.  

3) Alternating hot for 10 seconds & cold for 20 seconds

This time you are alternating in 30 second segments between hot for 10 seconds, then cold for 20 seconds. As with #2, start with medium to hot water and count to 10 in your head, then turn hot faucet down and bathe in cold for 20 seconds. Go back and forth doing about six to ten of those 30 second increments, which will last 3-5 minutes total. If you are washing your hair or body with soap, you are going to have to multitask with the counting, washing, and turning of knobs.