Tom Brady's Key to Sport Longevity & Success

On the heels of the Super Bowl last weekend, I thought Tom Brady’s lifestyle behind the scene was a timely topic. Brady is a polarizing sports figure for many reasons which I won’t touch, but you can’t really deny his greatness. What he has been able to do as a player on the field, especially a 6th round draft pick, has been absolutely amazing. And the crazy thing is that he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, even at the age of 39 (which is like 95 in the sports world)! 

According to this article from Mass Live, these are Brady’s top 3 keys to longevity and success on the football field:

1) A primarily plant-based diet with lean meats being incorporated in during the colder winter months – aka “Eating Seasonally” which I am a HUGE fan of & TOTALLY supportive of when any of my clients want to take either small or big steps in this direction. This type of diet reduces inflammation in the body and is the most in sync with Nature’s biorhythm.  

"A typical daily menu for Brady in the winter 'might include a breakfast smoothie--made with almond milk, a scoop of protein, seeds, nuts and a banana--a midmorning homemade protein bar, sliced up chicken breast on a salad with whole grains and legumes for lunch, a second smoothie as a snack and a dinner of quinoa with greens.'"

2) Using resistance bands for high resistance workouts – to me, this totally make sense especially for his position as QB. Less stress on the joints, less inflammation, leads to more longevity while maintaining strength & muscle gains. I do a lot of alternative stretching, resistance band exercises, and foam rolling; however, I still feel incorporating some dynamic and power weight-lifting into my own workouts is beneficial.

3) Body work – aka “Deep Massage” particularly on his throwing arm. I’ve only worked with a body work specialist once which was amazing, but anyone who has gotten a massage before knows the healing nature it can provide. Body work is all-encompassing, focusing on mind, body, and spirit.  I highly encourage athletes to get body work or massage done a few times a year, especially in season when pressure and tension can build up in the body and muscles.

Brady also has a Recovery Sleepwear apparel line with Under Armour. It uses reflective Far Infared technology to reduce inflammation, promoting body recovery and better sleep. So you know he has his sleep on point. 

And he prioritizes mental preparation with a Transcendental Meditation practice. Brady’s trainer says, “Our method relates to being physically fit, emotionally stable and spiritually nourished.” 

I write this not to inspire you to become like Tom Brady, but to use these lifestyle tools however you see fit to become the best version of yourself!