Stand Up For Standing Desks

I was going to write about the why I've come to love cold showers and their benefits this week (teaser for the next post), but I was inspired by a posture related presentation from chiropractor Dr. Peter Kantzilieris earlier this week to write about another topic I’m passionate about: Standing Desks.

We are conditioned to constantly sit from an early age. Sit 7-8 hours in the classroom at school, sit for hours at home to do homework, sit for 30-60 minutes for meals, sit to watch TV and movies, sit at a desk job for 8-12 hours a day while taking lunch at our desks, sit on the commute to and from work in the car/train/bus… you get the picture. Our bodies are not designed to sit for extended periods of time and it is unconsciously wreaking havoc on our health!

It was not until recently that I myself became more conscious of the negative effects this type of lifestyle was having on me. My posture had become severely out-of-alignment with forward head posture, anterior pelvic tilt, and immobility in the thoracic spine. The muscles in my legs, core, hips, and lower back had become extremely weak over time from pro-longed sitting throughout college and 6 years of the corporate world. ALL. FROM. SITTING. CONSTANTLY.

Some say that “Sitting (for prolonged periods) equates to smoking” with sitting for as little as 2 hours continuously increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, back & neck pain, and other orthopedic problems. Yes, it’s that alarming of a situation! 

On the positive side, “the obvious remedy to sitting disease is standing.” As illustrates, standings desks help kids burn more calories, be more engaged and creative, improve behavior & test scores, prevent orthopedic degradation & dysfunction, and create the foundation for a movement-rich environment as physical activity is cognitive candy. We need more standing desks in schools! 

Bottom line… Stand up! In today’s world, much of our working day is spent sitting in front of computers, so I strongly believe that the easiest way to get more minutes allocated to standing throughout the day is to buy a standing desk or create a make-shift one! This one change can have the most profound impact. And don’t let your mind or anyone else tell you that it’s weird, it’s the healthiest and most natural position for our bodies & health! 

Check out this StandUpKids video on YouTube:

*** If you feel inclined to donate to help get more standing desks in schools around the country for our children and youth, please visit the Stand Up Kids website at