Cultivate Community

Throughout my health transformation and journey, I have learned that having a loving and supporting community where you feel understood and accepted is vital to your health and happiness. Think about it. Who and where do you go to when you need love and support? Help and advice? Guidance and assurance? … Who do you share your successes and failures with? … Who do you share stories and laughs with? 

As humans, we evolved as social beings. Without developing the ability to connect with each other socially, we would not be where we are today as the dominant species on the planet. Our brains literally grew to accommodate our increasingly complex social structures. It is our truest nature to connect with one another. 

We naturally understood that together as a community we were infinitely more powerful than we could be as individuals. These communities not only helped us defend against physical threats but also to talk, feel, and connect with each other. In other words, they also helped us meet our social, emotional, and spiritual needs (which are all equally important for attaining good health as being physically fit is). 

So how have we strayed so far from our true nature?

Our world has become so busy, fast-paced, and full of constant doing and thinking. The to-do list never ends. Our minds’ are so wrapped up in our own personal worlds today that we forget to just take time to breathe and connect with each other. 

Technology, although beneficial in some aspects, has not helped us socially. It has given us the illusion of acceptance and connection that we can only get from being with other humans in person.

As a result, our society and daily lives have become quite repetitive and isolated.

Community encompasses the whole system that supports us in whatever we strive to do and achieve in our lives. Community is inclusive and ever-expanding – this is the mindset we should have with our social networks. We should be open to new relationships and opportunities, and refrain from being exclusive. At our truest and most basic nature, we are all human beings and have that as a common denominator. We can all relate to each other in some way. If we just simply look at it like that, instead of finding all the differences among one another to hate, we can realize that we are all one. One big human community.

The purpose of my health & lifestyle coaching business Hoffmonious Life, the more I think about it, is to create a loving and supporting community where people can connect with each other and feel safe and accepted to express their experiences, thoughts, opinions and emotions. A place where everyone belongs. This type of “Community” is the true healing force and road to health. A person can have the best diet and exercise flawlessly everyday but without a community to truly connect to there will be health imbalances and dis-ease that show up somewhere in that person’s life. On the other hand, a strong sense of community can overcome slight flaws in one’s diet and lifestyle. So if you don’t know where to start, my door is always open to talk and discuss ideas to help you find your community!