2017 Intentions

Daniel Vitalis inspired me with his most recent podcast to come up with 2017 Intentions. If you do something like this, I encourage you to think about things like … Do I want an intention to eat better quality foods? Can I improve my sleep? Do I want to incorporate more spirituality or a mindfulness practice? Should I try to connect to the air, fire, earth, and water elements of life more? 

I’m sure there are a few extra intentions I am missing but this is what I came up on the spot with over the past 2 days:

  1. Continue to eat a seasonal whole foods, primarily plant-based diet (80-95% plants)
    1. Eat in season:
      1. Warmer months: Lots of greens, smoothies, salads, & light veggies/fruits
      2. Colder months: hearty root veggies, cruciferous vegetables, stews/soups, and animal-based foods
    2. Buy majority of produce from the famers market & local farms
    3. Meat – buy pasture-raised, organic, non-GMO & focus on organ meats
    4. Fish – must be “wild”, not “farm-raised”
    5. Raw/local milk & cheese – never homogenized or pasteurized
  2. Daily meditation/mindfulness practice for at least 5-10 minutes every day
  3. Strengthen and improve relationships with family/friends
    1. Better relationships with family members – accept them for who they are
    2. Continue to deepen close friendships and be open to new ones
  4. Exercise – continue to strengthen legs and core to improve posture alignment
    1. Use uni-lateral exercises and natural movement to improve muscle weakness & imbalances from a previous long-standing sedentary lifestyle
  5. Sleep – get to bed earlier (9-10pm) and wake up earlier (6-7am)
  6. Continue to love my career and exude my passion for a positive & healthy lifestyle
    1. Start with 2 new family clients (if you know any families looking to work on their health as a team, please introduce me to them!!!)
    2. Work with at least 20 new individual clients
  7. Air Element: Use a HEPA air filtration machine & air-purifying indoor plants
  8. Fire Element: Burn incense, candles, & fire wood more frequently
  9. Earth Element: Find time to volunteer with a local farm
  10. Water Element: Continue to forage and drink primarily spring water 
    1. Upgrade to glass containers rather than plastic

Cheers to the New Year!