About Peter

"As a former student-athlete in high school & college, I look back and say that 'I wish I knew back then the knowledge I have now.' I would have performed better on both the court and in the classroom... had I fueled my body with better nutrition, practiced mindfulness daily, and exercised more dynamically. As a result, my physical & mental performance was at a sub-optimal level at some of the most important times in my life. It is now my mission to pay it forward to the upcoming generations of student-athletes to help them achieve physical & mental peak performance earlier in life!" 


As an INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION practitioner & LIFESTYLE advisor, I put the power back in YOUR hands! I HELP YOU TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR OWN performance & health. TOGETHER, WE WORK TO ACHIEVE PEAK PERFORMANCE THROUGHOUT YOUR whole LIFE. You become the player on the field making your own nutrition & lifestyle decisions, while i coach and advise from the sideline.

Hey there, I'm Peter. I’m an Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation teacher, & MovNat (Natural Movement) Certified Trainer. I specialize in Academic & Athletic Performance working primarily with high school & college student-athletes to help them achieve peak performance in their sport, in the classroom, and at home. I help these young student-athletes develop performance & personal goals to use as guidance and motivation as we work through the areas of nutrition, mindfulness meditation, dynamic exercise, yoga, school life, stress, sleep, relationships, and other peak performance tools. I support you as the client through every step in the process to reaching your physical, mental, & social goals! 

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Peter grew up in Secaucus, NJ through 8th grade and moved to Ridgewood, NJ before starting high school. He played AAU basketball for the New York Gauchos and high school varsity basketball at Bergen Catholic and St. Peter’s Prep, graduating high school in 2006. He attended Babson College, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He worked in Commercial Real Estate Financing for 1 year and Corporate Financial Restructuring for 5 years before leaving the corporate world on his own terms to pursue his passion to help others transform their health and lifestyle. He has lost 25 pounds since graduating college in 2010.