About Hoffmonious Life

Mission Statement: “To help student-athletes & young adults reach peak performance physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

Company Values:
1) Our secret ingredients are customization, enthusiasm, and positive relationships.
    2) We act with integrity and commitment, even when no one is looking.
        3) We think differently (progressively) and follow our intuition, not popular societal belief.
            4) The client’s intuition is trusted above all else.
                5) Speak the truth, even in the face of adversity & political incorrectness.
                    6) We think long term.
                        7) Nature always wins.


Student-Athlete Peak Performance Program

The Student-Athlete Peak Performance Program is tailored for students & athletes. It is designed not only to help you perform better in your sport, but also in the classroom and at home.

All areas of Peak Performance are connected & interrelated – if you improve one aspect, the benefits will unconsciously spill over into the other areas. However if one is neglected, the others will suffer. The goal is to emphasize both the physical body & mental mind so that you progress with a balanced approach. Working on all three aspects (nutrition, mindfulness, & movement) is extremely powerful & the quickest way to elevate your performance!

More and more high profile athletes, celebrities, and successful business professionals are implementing these tools into their daily routines. Accessing these tools at a younger age will give you a step up athletically & academically!

Integrative nutrition

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Quality nutrition is crucial and one piece of the puzzle in reaching Peak Performance. Everyone’s diet blueprint is unique, so we'll work together to find out what foods work and don't work for you. I will impart all the nutrition knowledge I have gained over my journey to help you build your own foundation. Our approach will be long-term – you will be positively changing your diet & lifestyle around it for life.

The top areas of focus:

  • Eliminate & avoid processed junk food – white bread & pasta, cereal, bagels, wraps/subs, candy, baked goods, high sugar drinks
  • Prioritize whole foods from nature – vegetables, greens, fruits, whole grains, and, yes, fish and meat

Mindfulness & positive visualization

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A mindfulness meditation practice is the foundation of Peak Performance & life. It is simply 'exercise for your mind' – just like you exercise, tone, and strengthen your physical body & muscles... you can strengthen, sharpen and focus your mind!

Your mind must be clear, calm, and focused in order to be mindful about your nutrition, movement, and other lifestyle habits throughout your day. We'll work together to improve your mindfulness & mental skills to help you start the journey to peak mental performance. 

"You get in the zone and just try to stay here. You don't think about your surroundings, or what's going on with the crowd or the team. You're kind of locked in." ― Kobe Bryant

Movement & strength trAINING

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It is essential to prioritize mobility prior to (or along with) building strength. Surprisingly, doing movement based exercises naturally builds strength & endurance. If you are strong but lack mobility, you are at increased risk of injury. Practicing our evolutionary natural movements is the most practical way to improve BOTH mobility & strength. It is a very positive thing to be strong, but can you move skillfully?

Natural Movement is way of exercise, fitness, functional rehabilitation, and physical education.

"We must think of movement & strength as more than just the 1-2 hours a day we exercise or go to the gym. In today's world we MUST be more creative in getting more movement & different types of movement throughout our day. We must be mindful of how we move & how much we move."